The Hindu is one of the leading newspapers in India. For over 20 years, while in India, I got used to reading ‘The Hindu’ newspaper every morning – from page 1 to page 16 and then the supplement pages. Since this was one newspaper that we all looked forward to reading, there used to be a great demand for the paper at home. Since sports used to be on Page 14,

my dad used to give me just that one sheet for me to read, while he read the rest of the paper. Since page 15 also used to have some sports, as soon as I was done reading page 14, I used to go back to him to get page 16. Since page 16 and 1 are from the same sheet (just like page 3 and 14), I used to get those pages – front page, local news page, sports page and the back page to read.

Those were good old days of reading from a printed newspaper.

In the past ten years, I have switched to reading the news online. The Hindu started providing their news online and due to my loyalty to this newspaper, I used to wait till midnight IST to read the paper as soon as it was posted online. The newspaper website online used to be one of the worst online formats, but for die-hard fans of The Hindu, like me, I guess it did not matter.

This year, The Hindu has made two wonderful transformations to its website.

One key change is the fact that they have done a total makeover for their site. This has resulted in this newspaper now having one of the best online formats I have ever seen for a newspaper.

Second change, which was quite surprising, is the fact that news is not updated just at midnight IST anymore. Just like any other top professional online news site, news gets updated on The Hindu online website, as and when they are received. This gives a very powerful option to The Hindu to compete with any other major news website in the world.

Overall, both the changes are excellent – and I am very happy with this now – so wanted to share this experience with you.

If you are interested, please feel free to visit The Hindu Website .