I got a chance to read some blogs where the authors have mentioned about the top technology tools that they use almost every day. This made me think about the top technology tools that I use and depend on them every day. If you have to use my Necessity, Comfort and Luxury Categorisation, all these items listed below falls under the Necessity category for me.

Note: I am excluding the basic technology tools such as OS, browser, email etc.

1. Blackberry: This is by far the most useful technology tool, I have used in the past ten years. Blackberry is my multi purpose device which helps me with many different things such as phone calls, emails, managing my blogs, forums, quick browsing, chat, project management, server management, social networking, etc.

2. Open Office: I use this day in and day out to help me take care of my documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

3. PHPBB Forums: I use this to manage quite a lot of interactions as well as my own task management.

4. WordPress: This helps me blog productively. With many features such as scheduling a blog, etc., WordPress is by far one of the best open source software I have ever come across.

5. Tech Crunch: Tech Crunch is a technology website on which I spend significant time every day for the latest trends in online world.

Do you have a top five list? Feel free to post your list and lets see if any one of them make my list.


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