Ever since Vonage introduced free unlimited calling to 60 countries a year ago, we had switched our main number to vonage and enjoyed it.

I received a call from Vonage today and they have left a voice mail for me stating that there has been ‘excessive usage’ of outgoing international calls from my number.

In addition they mentioned that if this is the trend with my phone usage, we have to move it into another package based on my usage.

They also mentioned that no action is due at this time and they will continue to monitor the account and get back to us if they feel if the account is still being excessively used.

While it is funny that they call this package as ‘Unlimited Calls’ and make use of a convenient disclaimer which states that they have the right to disconnect the service if they find excessive usage beyond normal average.

In any case, I have decided to closely monitor the phone usage and see if it can be reduced 🙂 . Just trying to warn the readers to be mindful of their phone usage if they use Vonage as their service provider.

Will keep you updated on this.