I have been following the news from Netflix site that they already are available on many new TV sets. They had also started to be available on PlayStation. Along with these came the news of Netflix going to be available on the Wii device by spring this year in the US. Ever since I heard this news, I was following Wii and Netflix updates closely.

Earlier this month, we got a DVD from Netflix and it said ‘Netflix on Wii’. We knew exactly what it was. Netflix has worked with the Wii team to make it extremely easy for Wii users to watch movies from Netflix.

I am already hooked on to it. I have now watched a 1940 Alfred Hitchcock classic called Lifeboat and also a Hindi Movie called Kurbaan.

I have read earlier about the work culture at Netflix and have been amazed at the advanced thinking there. They are one of the very few companies who have amazed me with the quality of their products (some others being Google and Apple).

Netflix on Wii gives a simple search feature, driven using the controls available on the Wii, along with many other useful features.

Overall, I love this feature and will let you know more about this in the near future.


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