Every time I come back from India to the US, I have got into a habit of looking out for newer books from ex-president of India, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

This time, I noticed a book called ‘The Kalam Effect’ by Mr.P.M.Nair, who worked quite closely with him during Dr. Abdul Kalam’s presidency. Since my curiosity about Dr.Abdul Kalam’s simplicity keeps increasing by the day, I decided to get this book and read about how the author felt about Dr. Kalam during his period.

The book starts with a good background of how the author had worked previously with Dr.Kalam during their days in ISRO. As I kept reading the book, I realized that Dr.Kalam was not only someone who pays attention to detail, but also a person who took calculated risks at different stages of his life, making sure at every point his basic principles in life were not compromised.

It is incredible to know about the way in which Dr.Kalam handled any complex situation with his single goal of making sure he performed his duty with sincerity, both as the President of the nation and also as a responsible human being.

The author appears to have been quite affected by Dr.Kalam’s punctuality habits (or the lack of) 🙂 . It is quite evident in many parts of the book. The author has boldly expressed his views in a few places in the book and he has to be appreciated for that.

The book has some good photos, which I have never seen before – gave a feeling that helped me visualize how it would have been if I was there during those incidents. Yes, you are right, Dr.Kalam has definitely made an impact in my life, just like how how he has done in millions of hearts.

Overall, the book did not satisfy my expectations, but I guess I set the expectations inaccurately to begin with. I guess I was expecting this book also to be along the same lines as ‘India 2020’ book. In anycase, had the satisfaction of reading about Dr.Kalam during the flight.