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Enemy at the Online Gates

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

In the past two weeks, our MPMLA website has been attacked repeatedly by a hacker and he has been quite successful in many of the battles so far.

I feel I now have a better understanding of how this hacker thinks. I feel like I am in the movie Enemy at the Gates – online version! While I think I am Vasili, I would not be surprised if he also thinks he is Vasili.

Not sure if the hacker also thinks he is Vasili :-)

Who is Vasili?

He is from a different time zone – but both of us now know our computer usage patterns and are awake at the time when the other person is in front of a machine. I can understand his frustration levels when I find out his tricks and I am also sure that he understands the way I would feel when I see him attack successfully time and again. At times I wonder how would it be if he comes in front of me and introduces himself or may be I should do that giving him the element of surprise!

Every time he defaces the website, I clean it up – and then try to remove all traces of his presence. Every time I feel I have captured all his access points, he comes back again with vengeance – this time with a bigger attack. The difficulty level of the attacks have increased after every round.

Happy to know this hacker through his actions, as he appears to be a very smart one – unlike many wannabies who get hold of sample code from some website and think they are hackers! He has taught me some golden rules by his action:

  • What we have with us is precious – many of us do not realize it until it is lost.
  • Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish (This is famous after Steve Jobs mentioned it – I knew it earlier in Tamil as ‘Kattravai Kai Mann Alavu – Kallathavai Ulagalavu’ by Avvaiyar – which means what you know is like a handful of sand, while what you do not know is of the size of the world).

While this hacker could have won many battles so far, I am prepared for a long war – which gives the adrenalin rush that pushes both of us to go to the extremes – he is doing his best to take me out, while I am trying to get rid of him. Now it makes me understand what would have gone in Vasili’s mind!

Going by the assumption that both of us have all the tools and expertise necessary to succeed, two simple rules will decide the winner:

  • Consistency in the passion towards achieving the goal
  • Consistency in the time spent on doing the work that helps accomplish the goal

May the better one win!

Politicians Of India

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Politicians of India is a term I want to use to refer to a series of blogs I intend to write about each and every politician in India, that I am aware of.

There is a general mindset among Indians that most of the politicians are corrupt, but we also believe that there are certain exceptions. While any good action by any politician can be debated to have a hidden agenda with personal benefit for the politician, the premise of the blogs here is that all politicians are innocent until proven guilty and we will give them the benefit of doubt – and let the legal system decide if they are corrupt. I know some of the comments that will come claiming that the legal system is dead, the entire chain is corrupted, etc. We can all keep cribbing about it, but that will take us nowhere.

The point of the blog is to understand the good things that Politicians Of India have done, study the complaints that come into the MPMLA website about each elected representative as well as the other politicians and see if they do anything to fix the issues.

I am sure the elected representatives will agree that they are our representative and have volunteered to work for us, to improve our constituencies from where we have elected them.

These blogs tend to be very subjective and are bound to be controversial, but it is definitely better than doing nothing. So this effort. Lets see where it goes.

By the way, Politicians of India has a funny acronym, POI, which in tamil means lie. This was definitely a coincidence and was in no way intended to make fun of our politicians. Thought that disclaimer ahead of time will be useful.

Presenting at Tamil Conference in Coimbatore

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Earlier this month, I had submitted an abstract on a topic called ‘eGovernance in Tamil – MPMLA 2.0’ to be presented at the Tamil Conference at Coimbatore in June this year. It has been accepted and I will be submitting the presentation sometime early next month so that it can be presented during the conference.

The topic of my presentation is going to be based on my experiences with MPMLA website – and how it can be enhanced to make it more easier and useful for the common man by using a few significant technology advancements listed below:

1. Introducing local language availability in Eg. A farmer in Tamil Nadu who does not know english should be able to communicate his feedback as well as grievances to the elected representatives

2. Making available via mobile devices. Eg. Allowing users to submit their grievances

3. Allowing people to record and submit their grievances to Eg. An illiterate person should be able to pick up a cell phone and dial a number and be able to record their grievances.