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Yellow Fever Vaccination for Kenya

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Yellow Fever Vaccination is an important topic that comes up for discussion whenever you plan to go to Africa.

Just landed in Nairobi, Kenya and to my surprise, they did not even ask a question about Yellow Fever Vaccination papers.

Yellow Fever Vaccination for Kenya – Notice board at Nairobi Airport

Before our travel, we were told four different stories by four different people.

The first person said, vaccination is a must. Second person said vaccination before 10 days is a must. Third person said vaccination is not required. Fourth person said vaccination is required for your own safety.

In tamil there is a good saying for this: Naalu Peru Naalu Vithama Pesuvaanga..which means four different people will have four different stories! These are those four people..I have finally identified them 🙂