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My Top Technology Tools in 2013

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Time to write my top technology tools in 2013!

As I did last year, this year also I have split my technology tools into a few sections. I have also introduced a new section called ‘Discovery Of The Year’. Hope you enjoy it.

Discovery Of The Year – Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a small chip that can perform many of the simple tasks that a basic computer can do.


Got a chance to play around with this this year and fell in love with it. Have three of these now.

Just connect them to your TV and have a wireless keyboard and you can do wonders with your TV (provided you have wireless internet access).

Highly recommend getting this for your kids as the first technology hardware tool to play around with – how cool is it for your kid to be able to build his or her computer from scratch?

There are many more amazing things that can be done with Pi – especially in a business environment.

Hence the Pi becomes my favorite technology tool of this year 2013.

Click the ‘Read More’ link below to find out about the other technology tools I loved to use in 2013.



Apple to allow Flash on iPhone and iPad

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

This week Apple has made a significant change to its developer agreements and it is going to change the marketplace.

Apple’s success with iPhone and iPad have been complimented very well by the App Store in the iPhone. With its tight control over the App Store, Apple has made sure every single application goes through its ‘secret review’ process. As a part of these restrictions, Apple had also made the developers sign an agreement that they will not use certain third party tools such as Flash, as well as restricting third party applications in the iPhone or iPad applications.

This week, Apple has relaxed some of these restrictions – out of which two of those are highly significant.  They are listed below with details