It is quite funny to look at a note on my drawing board that says ‘Write A Blog Daily’. It has been there for over three months now and I realized I have not followed it. So thought it will be interesting to write a blog about it.

I used to think, if you want to commit to something announcing it publicly is a way to do it. Now I have realized I have become immune to both that as well as visible reminders. I still remember the post I made last year about Procrastination . This is a classic example of that.

I read Seth Godin’s blogs and see that he posts without fail every single morning (at 7am every day, I see his blog come in.) He has been doing this for many years and I want to draw inspiration from such disciplined people and do it even better.

Hoping this post about Write a blog daily might be the turning point. Lets see how it goes this time with my attempt write blogs daily 🙂