I started writing about my top technology tools last year and have been fascinated at how my technology needs have changed (or not!) in the past year. Hence I am writing this post to see what are my top technology tools in 2011. This year, I realized that my technology tools actually fall under three […]

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In the past year, I realized that every single person I know has a Facebook account now! This only means that Facebook has become an integral part of our daily habits…by the way, it also means that we understand what exactly Facebook is getting from us in return for the free platform to express ourselves […]

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I found Ubuntu

January 16th, 2010 · No Comments · Technology

I have been using Ubuntu for the past two months and I have started to love it. After about twenty years with Windows, finally I have spent two full months without a windows machine at home and I do not miss it at all. Already my wife has switched to Mac about a year ago […]

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